Currently Horn Instructor at the Nelly Berman School, Haverford, PA 

Private Lessons

Frank has been teaching high school and college students for over 30 year, specializing in embouchure building, technique improvement, musicianship and overcoming “nerves.” Using Caruso Calisthenics for the French Horn (as practiced by Julie Landsman), Frank builds the student’s embouchure, in coordination with proper breathing, from the ground up, to ensure that beautiful tone and full support are maintained throughout all ranges of the horn. Once the embouchure is in place, the student will learn fundamentals of technique and how to practice on their own, with the help of Canconne, Kopprasch and Maxime-Alphonse. Upon mastering the basics of technique, the student will move on to the learning the fundamental repertoire of French Horn solo, orchestral and wind ensemble literature. Frank specializes in preparing the student for all-State and college auditions, and uses creative visualization and other techniques to help the student overcome stage fright and and any other psychological barriers.


I got to meet Frank when I was a freshman in high school, and even before asking him to be my teacher, I had improved by just playing along side him. He would give me tips and help me on some of the pieces we were playing but also on ways I could improve as a horn player. Even just sitting next to Frank and hearing how he played helped me improve tremendously. He’s a great musician and a very skilled horn player. I started studying with Frank halfway through my junior year of high school when I was ready to focus on improving and preparing for college auditions. In just a few months my playing had exceedingly improved to where it was pointed out to me by my band director and other teachers when returning to school in the fall. I was never really good when it came to auditions, but Frank helped me realize that I was capable of doing well in front of anyone and that all I needed to do was focus on the music and imagine how I want it to sound. In December of my senior year I had three auditions in one week, two college auditions and one regional audition. I got accepted into both schools and scored highest in the French horn section for the All South Jersey Band and Orchestra and a month later I was accepted into the All State Symphonic Band. I was awarded a full ride to one school and another large scholarship from the other. Frank is one of the people that I have to thank for my success for he has taught me so much and helped get me so far. He is an excellent teacher and has done so much for me. I can’t thank him enough. — Karenann Libby (Rowan – Class of 2020)

I can’t say enough about what Frank has done for our daughter’s progression on horn. She began playing in 4th grade, but it wasn’t until we started private lessons with Frank in her junior year that her talent really began to blossom. She had a passion for the horn early on, and she certainly had a talent for it. She made All South Jersey every year she auditioned, but could never get to All State. She had trouble with nerves during the auditions. We brought in Frank for weekly lessons after she failed to make All State in her junior year. In less than a year, Frank not only helped her get passed her nerves, but taught her how to practice and challenge herself and set her down the path to becoming a professional horn player. She made 1st Chair All South Jersey Wind Ensemble, Orchestra and Chamber Ensemble and finally made All State! She also auditioned and was accepted to both Temple & Rowan Universities, received scholarships to both; Rowan’s being a full tuition scholarship! He is a true mentor and friend to us and to our daughter. You won’t go wrong hiring Frank as your private horn teacher. — Brian Libby (Karenann’s Dad)

Frank Stroble has been a private French Horn teacher to my daughter for over two years. During this time, he has worked diligently to help her build a solid foundation of basic skills while challenging her with a diverse repertoire that motivates and excites her. He is incredibly attuned to my daughter’s unique musical and personal needs and has tailored lessons and designed a curriculum that has allowed her to bloom as a musician.  He has nurtured my daughter’s passion for the instrument and has sought out outside opportunities for performing and additional learning, and prepared her to meet the challenges of auditions and subsequent performances. As a result, my daughter went from a complete novice to consistently placing as the section’s first chair in Honors regional bands and was just admitted to Juilliard’s Musician Advancement Program! I wholeheartedly recommend him as an instructor! — Marina Shapiro (Alexandra Vitalin’s Mother)